Anders Ponsaing


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Anders Ponsaing

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From the cold, far away North, the love of music brings the young and talented Anders Ponsaing to the white island of Ibiza. After years of music school, gigs all over his native Denmark, great tracks and remixes, radio appearances and a well-deserved award Ibiza has accepted Anders as one of its talented family members, and this is his story.

With only sixteen years of age he was producing pop tracks, and by the year 2011, he finished a Music Sound Technician degree at D.A.R.K in Copenhagen. As soon as he terminated his education, he started working with AHP ARTIST BOOKING & MANAGEMENT in Odense as the CEO’s right hand for three years. Once he familiarised himself with the inner world of the music industry, he moved a step forward discovering the adventure of becoming a DJ.

It wasn’t long until he managed to play in locals around Denmark. Anders served as warm-up DJ for Medina, Kim Larsen and Rune RK (Kölsch) and he has also performed at the Festival at Langeland, Skive Beach Party and the VIP Scene at the dance event Sensation White. This las event came up after in 2012 he won a DJ award offered by MTV Club Awards.

2014 saw Anders playing once a week house music including his remixes for RADIO ABC, one of Denmark’s biggest radio stations.

For six years Anders had six days a week gigs making a living by doing what he loved. And if there was anything that he liked more than playing music, that was producing it.

In 2016 he finally took the big step and moved to Ibiza where he would focus on improving his producing skills. He quickly caught the attention of important music magazines like DMC World where he explained that the artists that mark his style and influence his work are Kölsch, George, Solomun, Guy Mantzur and Johannes Brecht among others.

After being in Ibiza for one month, he made the remix for Eva Scolaro and Steen T, of the song “Don’t Tell Me No”, a Youtube video with more than 2 million plays at that time and counting.

2017 saw Anders with residencies in exclusive venues like 107 and Avenue as well as B12 Galery.

At the start of 2018, he had his party brand called Mayback with events in the luxury hotel Montesol in the centre of Ibiza town and also B12 Galery. While becoming a well-known and respected DJ around the island he didn’t neglect his production abilities, and at the beginning of 2018, his latest release “Despues” had a significant impact going number 13 on the Danish Dance chart the day after it was out.

A character to follow, whether he is showcasing a set at a beautiful venue, DJing at a party, leaving his print on a remix or producing his tracks, Anders Ponsaing is the example of artistic versatility, indeed a talented one to follow.

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